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WD-285 Umbrella Case <Mickey>


●Convenient cute umbrella case to avoid getting wet your cabin
●Capable of as many as storing 5 umbrellas!! (4 standard-sized umbrellas + 1 folding umbrella/child's umbrella)
●You can put umbrellas from both driver's seat side and passenger's seat side
●Quick open/close with flap structure & loop fastener
●Stores regular umbrella and front pocket can store a foldable umbrella at the same time
●Easy water drainage by detachable front pocket
●Detachable cute hand attached by loop fastener for hooking a handy towel

Package Size H×W×D(mm)330×180×20
Product Size H×W×D(mm)650×180×8
UPC Code4975144442855
Quantity in Box40