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Fizz-1103 Smartphone Holder AC


●Smartphone car mount holder that can hold a smartphone with a ring holder attached
●Placing the phone in the holder automatically holds it. Press the open lever on the sides to release it
●The adjustable arm and the ball joint enable you to adjust the angle to set the phone in an easy-to-see position

Mountable Dimensions
・Weight : 250g or less 
・Width : 62mm to 90mm
*Weight and dimensions include cover if attached

Can hold a phone  even with a ring holder attached The Arm can be moved up and down in four levels
Placing the phone in the holder turns on the Hold switch and automatically closes the arm
Adjustable to best angle by ball joint
Adjustable clip can attach firmly Can be charged without needing to take it out of the holder
Package Size H×W×D(mm)180×100×63
Product Size H×W×D(mm)95×110×110
UPC Code4975144511032
Quantity in Box20