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Fizz-1092 Smartphone Holder


●Smartphone car mount holder that can hold a smartphone with a ring holder attached
●The arm that can be moved up and down in four levels prevents accidental presses of the phone side buttons
●Placing the phone in the holder automatically holds it. Press the open lever on the sides to release it
●The adjustable arm and the ball joint enable you to adjust the angle to set the phone in an easy-to-see position
●The adjustable arm is collapsible so that you can set the phone in your preferred (viewing) distance

Mountable Dimensions
・Weight : 250g or less 
・Width : 62mm to 90mm
*Weight and dimensions include cover if attached

ホールドリングに対応した形状・ボールジョイントで360°角度調整が自在 機能説明
ホールド幅62mm〜90mm 機能説明

Package Size H×W×D(mm)180×170×90
Product Size H×W×D(mm)95×110×305
UPC Code4975144554770
Quantity in Box20