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Fizz-1081 Adjustable Smartphone Stand


●Best fit for iPhone, Smartphone
●Flip case compatible
●With a flexible stay. Can be used in a place where installation used to be impossible
●Holds a device in landscape orientation up to 170 mm in width
●Separated structure allows to support smartphones in various size
●Provided with a protrusion for better holding thin smartphones
●Adjustable to best facing position even after mounted
●Converts display from horizontal to vertical by replacing left and right holder

●Mountable Dimensions
・Weight : 300g or less  (includes covers if attached)

Height/A : 105mm to 170mm( Horizontal setup)
Width/B : 65mm to 100mm (Vertical setup)
Thickness/C :20mm or less

Package Size H×W×D(mm)180×140×50
Product Size H×W×D(mm)57×183×36
UPC Code4975144554329
Quantity in Box40