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AT-107 Air cleaner


●It can be used in cars, computers in offices, and at home by USB power.
Equipped with UV lamp
・Virus, harmful bacteria, mold can be blocked by UV rays.The ozone generated from the lamp has deodorant effection.
High performance HEPA H13 filter
・The high efficient 3-layer filter used for capturing pollen, PM2.5 and odors up to 0.3μm.
●Silent mode, It has significant effect of intaking and exhausting air, Maximum 35db.
●Memory function:It can restart since the memory of when the car key is turned off.
●2-stage operation:High and low.
●While working, the blue light on the upper part flashes slowly.
●The base is with fragrance design.

Package Size H×W×D(mm)230×120×80
Product Size H×W×D(mm)160×70×70
UPC Code4975144430272
Quantity in Box6