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WD-323 Illuminant Socket D1 USB 2.4A <Mickey>


compatible with iPhone
●Equipped with two 2.4A USB output Sockets (5V/2.4mA for one sockets)
●Powers and recharges to a tablet such as iPad, Smartphone, a digital audio player or a game console thru USB port
●Connectable up to 7A electronic products * includes USB output

Package Size H×W×D(mm)180×130×65
Product Size H×W×D(mm)42×96×120
UPC Code4975144443234
Quantity in Box40




Allowable continuous current

7A/Total sockets (includes USB)

Allowable maximum current

10A/Total sockets (includes USB)

USB output

5V/2.4A with two sockets (maximum)

USB connector

Type A female

Overcurrent protective circuit

10A pipe fuse (length : 30mm)