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WD-277 Wide Mirror <Mickey>


Advantages of Napolex Wide Mirrors
High reflective brighter aluminum glass
●Less blind spots with wide angle view
・Covers rear blind spots which can not be detected by a regular room mirror

●Ultra high reflective glass
・Even in the night or with a smoked rear window, brighter view by ultra high reflective glass
・High precision and low distortion

●Flat mirror without any incongruity gives the same distance view as a regular room mirror
●Easily fit on an existing regular room mirror
・Thinner thickness at central part of the unit gives less incongruity when attached on a regular room mirror 

●Anti scattering device
・Safety device for anti scattering when the mirror is broken

Advantages of Napolex Sub Mirrors
●Curved mirror which can confirm rear seats
●Attachable on either side of the Napolex wide mirrors
●Adjustable angles by a flexible arm
●Sticks by a cute palm base on a back of a wide mirror which can be seen from outside

Package Size H×W×D(mm)400×135×46
Product Size H×W×D(mm)Wide mirror:75×310×25 Sub mirror:70×80×20
UPC Code4975144442770
Quantity in Box20