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Fizz-1096 IQOS Charging Socket S


* Does not support 「IQOS 3」「IQOS 3 MULTI」
●This charging holder can be placed in a cup holder of your car to charge an IQOS holder and an IQOS pocket charger(charging time for IQOS holders : as short as approx. 4 minutes * when using a genuine AC charger)
* When charging an IQOS holder and an IQOS pocket charger at the same time, the IQOS holder is charged first, so the IQOS pocket charger takes longer to charge
●The lower part can be used to dispose of approx. 40 used IQOS Heatsticks. Removable so it is easy to empty it
●LED lights to light the IQOS holder plugging part and the inside of the cup part

Package Size H×W×D(mm)180×90×90
Product Size H×W×D(mm)130×85×85
UPC Code4975144554817
Quantity in Box20


Output Voltage


Output current